about me

what can i do?


System Administrator

I have been managing servers since 2016. I am familiar with Linux based OS like Redhat, Debian or Windows based like Windows and Windows. I can deal with application deploy, server issues or suddenly the server stop...


Website creator

There is many websites which are built and run by me in several recent years in vary of fields like educational projects, promotional projects, self-hosted projects, smart-home projects etc. Some of them are useless but some of them is ok.


Graphic and multimedia development

I do not have good ability in art, music, etc... However, a wise man once said: "Give me a template and a computer, I will create a stunning graphic content. However, don't trust Hoang .-."


And many things...

I can write play scripts, make video contents, fix simple computer problems, etc. And for sure, I cannot hack Facebook, cannot give solutions if your TV or mobile phone suddenly stop working.

fun facts

fun fact

Preferred language

Vietnamese and PHP and dogs

fun fact

My legendary favorite TV show

Definitely How I met your mother

fun fact

Favorite quote

"Nothing good ever happens after 2:00 a.m." - Ted's mom

fun fact

Bad guy?

Yes, I am a good guy ;)